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This controller includes the favourite super fast chip (same as Terrain Command) with BLE (BT5), OTA Firmware updates and Wheel Sensor connection with improved detection rate (as low as 0,05ms), direct 12V connection with automatic and manual idle mode, 3 mechanical Panasonic buttons with RGB LEDs, rounded shape for better ergonomics and the in-house developed HAL magnetically entered joystick.

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This is the third CARPE controller, it is the result of more than one year of development. The objective was simple, now with thousands of controllers sold world-wide and over 3 years of experience CARPE-ITER wanted to make the best motorcycle joystick-controller in the world. List of supported apps here.

Control over 30 Android navigation apps.
This controller will allow you to control apps like Drive Mode Dashboard 2, OSMAnd, Locus, Google Maps and many others.

It includes software to simplify the connection and configuration.

Monitor motorcycle voltage, adjust joystick sensibility per direction and configure button LED color and intensity.

  • Easy setup the controller connection with the CARPE Controller app
  • Adjust and test joystick sensibility per direction
  • Setup the button LED color and brightness level
  • Start an HUD overlay anytime you want to adjust screen brightness, control media, adjust volumes and disable or enable screen touch
  • Configure the Wheel Sensor with automatic GPS wheel size calibration or manual input
  • Monitor your motorcycle voltage



  • Average Operational Power Consumption: 0.013A@13V max (BT Connected, Wheel Sensor being used and 3 LEDs at max brightness)
  • 3 Mechanical Buttons with RGB LEDs
  • Magnetically centered HAL Sensor Joystick with automatic calibration and 20 steps of sensibility adjustment per direction
  • HAL Sensor joystick is calibrated every time the device boots or wakes up from sleep (user should NOT touch the joystick while device is booting or waking up)
  • Device is capable of being operated with voltage as low as 5V
  • Motorcycle Voltage Reading (displayed in app or using Setup Mode with LED indication)
  • Idle Mode Control triggered by inactivity time, low voltage or manually in the Setup Mode
  • Wheel Sensor with up to 0.05 ms detection

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